June 01, 2017

Canna Treehouse was founded in a small town in Georgia.  My wife and I discovered CBD when we stumbled upon a lotion that contained this amazing cannabinoid which the makers said would help with my Mother-In-Laws nephropathy.  My Mother-In-Law was at her wits end with traditional medication. For weeks the pain in her legs kept her from getting a good nights sleep.  We had her try the lotion that contained CBD and that night she was pain-free and got her first full night’s sleep in a long time. My wife and I were so impressed we instantly wanted to be part of the cannabidiol industry.

We were amazed at what we learned about CBD. It has been proven to help people with nerve pain, muscle pain and all types of ailments such as psoriasis, seizures, anxiety the list goes on.  What put us over the top was speaking directly to people who use CBD products. The world is at the cusp of a CBD revolution.

Many people thought we were crazy to start a business selling CBD products in the Deep South. We were told that the ultra-conservative South would never accept a business such as Canna Treehouse. Move back and start your business on the West Coast we were told.  Not a chance. Starting a business which sells CBD products in the Deep South just seemed like something a Weirdo would do.

Anyone who has spent any considerable amount of time in the Deep South the first thing that becomes evident is how polite and genuine true Southerners are.  We instantly felt welcomed and part of the community.  It is true the people in the Deep South do tend to lean more towards conservative. My wife and I never felt as though anyone pushed their opinions on us nor judged us for ours. Wanting to maintain this balance the business plan for Canna Treehouse was to keep a low profile and focus our sales online.

An interesting characteristic about Weirdo’s is we can't keep quiet about anything that excites us.

So, there we were my wife and I  before a group of multi-generational Southerners explaining to them the benefits of CBD. Someone asked the question,  "where does CBD come from?". I chose my words carefully and explained how CBD is extracted from hemp and cannabis. From the peanut gallery someone says,“Oh, so you sell weed!?" With that statement I felt we were pretty much done. Surely these genuinely conservative folks only had to hear the word “weed” and shut down and ban us from the tribe. But to my surprise everyone around us actually became that much more curious and listened more intently as I explained the difference between CBD extracted from hemp and CBD extracted from cannabis. I explained the difference between THC and CBD. I went into how CBD doesn’t get you high yet provides so many healing benefits and at a high level I touched on the endocannabinoid system. The only concern most of them had was whether CBD was legal or not. After explaining the legalities of CBD and without a doubt CBD is legal these ultra-conservative Southerners were convinced and curious to try. As it turns out folks here in the Deep South are no different then anyone else in the world suffering with illnesses and pain. Folks are tired of taking the opiates that modern medicine continues to push on us all. Whether you are from Los Angeles, Chicago or a small town in Georgia we all know someone personally or have heard about someone whose life was destroyed by becoming addicted to pain medicine / opiates originally prescribed by a doctor.

Educating people about CBD is the only way progress will be made. Teaching people about the wellness benefits of CBD on the West Coast is not a challenge. Most people on the West Coast have been hearing about the benefits of cannabis for a long time. The real challenge comes with educating people in a part of the country that have been told their entire life the exact opposite by politicians who choose to ignore the latest evidence and science that has proven marijuana has medical benefit. When facts and scientific proof no longer applies this is when Weirdo's are at their best.

'The Weirdo's Diary - Starting a CBD Company vol 3' is a blog that will follow the challenges and success of the Weirdo’s at Canna Treehouse and their attempts to spread the word and educate people in the Deep South and throughout the world about this amazing Cannabinoid known as CBD.


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