August 10, 2017

The mention of cannabis and hemp puts a lot of people in an uncomfortable position; this general awareness based on the fact that hemp or cannabis is deadly to the human health makes it impossible to visit the abundant benefits it presents. In many countries, cannabis is categorized to be illegal and anyone caught using or selling cannabis or hemp would be sentenced to serious jail time. This perception concerning the negative effect of cannabis and hemp has been wide spread and therefore, the ability to commercialize the product in order to reap its benefits has been close to zero. These natural products are made to provide an essential service to the health of the human being yet it has been demonized into its lowest form making it very deadly and unacceptable in society. With the use of strong institution such as the police, military and the government the eradication of the cannabis and hemp has been increasing and making it more expensive to come by and very scarce. It’s almost difficult to locate where to buy these from. The fight against the consumption and distribution of cannabis and hemp has been taken on different fronts, from our public institutions to our private institution.

What is CBD oil?

My high school experience elucidated the negative and bias perception most of the people around have about cannabis and hemp, whenever this topic is made, very sensitive comment is passed which contributes to the negative perception already existing in the world. Growing up my grandmother had cancer, medicinal marijuana was one of the prescribed drugs given to her to consume to subdue the pain from cancer. This made me more open to the pool of benefits cannabis and hemp contain, the consumption of this product was purposely to get high or stoned but through the infusion of the CBD provided by the cannabis plant into the bloodstream, chronic pain was being managed and easy to live with. In high school, the atmosphere was very intense concerning the use of cannabis, students were either suspended or expelled from the school. This worsened the mentality concerning the negative effects of the cannabis and hemp. In severe instances, students were sent to the nearest asylum just instill that fear or present to them the negative effect which affects the human brain when cannabis or hemp is consumed.

The legalization of cannabis and hemp has attained a gradual growth; a handful of countries such as Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Uruguay, Romania, France and the United States are legalizing the use of cannabis and hemp based on the economic benefit and medical benefits. Marijuana has become one of the most efficient and effective political and economic movements America has ever pioneered, with about a handful of states such as Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington leading the movement which focuses on the legalization of marijuana. The awareness of the medicinal benefits keeps increasing but federally marijuana or cannabis is still seen as a scheduled drug which makes it limited to the masses for consumption and distribution.

While THC is illegal in most countries due to the effects it induces when being consumed, CBD is legal in most countries due to the purpose it serves. CBD is a short term used to refer to cannabidiol, this is a substance in which traces of it is found in more than 60 compounds of cannabis and hemp. Cannabidiol is a canabinoid extracted from hemp and cannabis sativa. CBD acts specifically on the body’s endocannabinoid system by creating physical changes in the body which in the long run serves as very beneficial for the health of the individual. Cannabidiol has achieved legal status around the world- in Australia, CBD has achieved an SU (standard for the uniform scheduling of drugs or poison. In Canada, it is legal under the controlled drugs and substance act and in the United Kingdom, it has been made legal.

Through several scientific and clinical research barked by the United States government, it highlights that CBD’s creates the avenue for the potential treatment of a wide range of ailments and diseases. These ailments include antibiotic-resistant infections, PTSD, arthritis, neurological disorders, alcoholism, chronic pain, MS, depression, diabetes, schizophrenia, and epilepsy (dravet syndrome). CBD is said to have neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, it serves as an orphan drug for specific illness such as the dravet syndrome and cancer. Dravet syndrome is an intense form of epilepsy which begins from infancy but can be eradicated with the use of CDB products extracted from cannabis sativa and hemp stocks.


Where to buy CBD oil?

Canna Treehouse is an online retailer with the aim of bridging the gap created by the negative perception of the usage of cannabis and hemp in various. Canna Treehouse provides CBD products for both humans and pets, our products range from oil, capsules, lotions, salves and vape oil making it easier to use and apply on the places that have been affected. These products serve as remedies and antioxidants for several ailments in the body. Neurodegenerative disorders. Swellings, loss of appetite and chronic pain are some of the major ailments the products sold at canna tree house solve. The products act as antioxidants which serve as radicals that fight against neurodegenerative disorders and also stimulate the appetite of both pets and humans not leaving out the relieving of chronic pain caused by accidents and cancer. With us, the products are made to serve the user, we have products for every delivery method whether you prefer a spray, dropper or vaping CBD Oil we got you covered. If topicals are your preference we have lotions, salves and balms.  The pet products are made with nutritional bases such as peanut butter and blueberry cranberry to make consumption very easy for the pet.

With the removal of the cloud of negative perception surrounding the use of cannabis and hemp extracts to make remedies for various ailments, the acquisition of these products would be made easier and available to the masses for the treatment of various diseases and ailments. Cancer and the dravet syndrome have been a major vermin to the existence of humans, they have made living and life unbearable for many people. Products such as elixinol, endoca salves, Mary’s nutritionals and the fay farm warming muscle rubs are made available in stock at Canna tree house stores at very affordable prices to serve as relievers for major ailments and diseases. All the products sold at our store that contain CBD oil are made from industrial hemp with 0.00% to 0.2% dose of THC which makes it legal to sell and consume in countries where it has been legalized. Furthermore, all CBD products sold by us are constructed and distributed under the federal and state laws making it legal for consumption and distribution. Therefore, if you need to have such products, buy from Canna Treehouse.



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