March 13, 2017

Canna Treehouse had a special visitor at the ‘Treehouse’ the other day. Christy Theil of Elixinol stopped by Canna Treehouse for a visit. Christy is the Director of Business Development and Education at Elixiniol. She has a wealth of knowledge on CBD and the CBD industry. When she isn’t working to build awareness of the Elixinol brand and their many wonderful products she can be found leading discussions, giving lectures and acting as a guest speaker at various events throughout the country. Christy’s primary focus is teaching about effects that CBD has on the Endocannabinoid system but she is also sought for her knowledge of the CBD industry as a whole. 

Since we had Christy at the Treehouse we asked her if she would be willing to be Canna Treehouses’ first interview for our new blog ‘People of the CBD Industry’. This is a new blog that will use a Q&A format to interview people who are stand-outs and true advocates within the CBD industry. Graciously, she agreed. Below is Canna Treehouses’ Q&A with Elixinols own Christy Theil:

Canna Treehouse:  Where does Elixinol get their hemp?

    Theil: Exinol has farms in Northern Europe where the hemp has been growing for over 300 years. This is significant t because this is truly industrial hemp, cannabis sativa. The soil is pristine, pesticides, petroleum products and chemicals have not been used are still avoided. Nutrient dense soil and clean hemp. We are going to investing in Colorado hemp too. Elixinol has high standards and domestic hemp will be no exception.

      Canna Treehouse:  What sets Elixinol apart from other Brands?

        Theil: Elixinol foundation has always been health, quality and education. We       specialize in training health and medical professionals how to use this in their practices so the people can utilize this amazing molecule. Our founders are truly kind and I think the company as a whole resonates with integrity. Naturally we have a great product and everyone involved in the process of extraction to shipping puts their spirit into the process.

           Canna Treehouse:  Which product do you like to promote the most?

            Theil: I like to promote the water soluble Liposomal. The absorption and availability of CBD in this product is packed in a lipid called phospholipid choline.  All this means is it mimics the cell membrane and is both water and fat soluble. With the liposomal 1 mg is equal to 3-5 of the tincture so a 300 mg bottle is more like a 900 mg bottle. This is great for kids too because it can be in their beverages and they still get full absorption. 

              Canna TreehouseWhen shopping for CBD Products what should people consider?

                Theil: Absolutely transparent labeling and testing. Cannabis is a soil remediator. All this means is it pulls up all the toxins that are in the ground and there is a not of contaminated soils and pesticides used in growing some cannabis. Every product has a COA that can be found on our website from 3rd party labs. We have standardized labeling too, so one knows how much CBD they are getting with each serving.

                   Canna TreehouseIs there a difference between lotions, oils and Capsules?

                  Theil: Yes, the delivery system. One absorbs ½ of the CBD when it is absorbed through the skin. Oils can be absorbed sublingually and get into the blood stream that way. At the right serving size, one might feel benefits within 10-60 minutes. Capsules are absorbed in the gut and take 1-2 hours to start taking effect and it’s a very nice delivery system. Vaping is immediate, right into the mucus membranes of the lungs.

                    Canna TreehouseHow important is it for a company to have seed to shelf control of the hemp they use?

                    Theil: It’s not that important if companies who buy bulk trust their supplier. Elixinol is one of the world’s largest supplier of bulk oils. We are not at the mercy of a company changing their price, running low, not keeping up with demands, etc. Elixinol came in prepared and continues to expand vertically and horizontally within this industry. We control the price not our suppliers. This gives us an advantage.

                       Canna Treehouse:  Can CBD be taken along with prescription meds?

                      Theil: There are no known adverse drug interactions with CBD. I would caution one to be aware of the side effects of their medications. CBD works on the same or similar receptors as medications and as these receptors heal and repair then side effects can increase since the medications may appear stronger.

                        Canna Treehouse:  Why don’t most doctors recommend CBD?

                        Theil: Most doctors don’t know or understand the far-reaching effects of a healthy endocannabinoid system. This system trumps all other systems since it is what regulates them. Once doctors understand how most every condition, symptom and disease is has its roots in a deficient endocannabinoid system they would be negligent to ignore it

                          Canna Treehouse:  How does CBD work in the body?

                          Theil: CBD works on the cell receptors of the endocannabinoid system, nucleus and mitochondria. Every cell has these receptors. CBD is considered a smart molecule. It knows where to go and what to do. 

                             Canna Treehouse:  Is CBD extracted from Cannabis better than Hemp? What is the difference?

                            Theil: Cannabis encompasses marijuana and hemp. The differences is MJ is naturally higher in THC- the recreational and psychoactive molecule and CBD more so comes from hemp, which is naturally high in CBD and low in THC. CBD will make you healthy but will not make you high. I feel it is a huge misunderstanding that people have been told they need THC for CBD to work. This has not been my experience in the least. THC can have more set-backs than benefits.

                               Canna Treehouse:  How do I determine how much CBD I need?

                              Theil: Servings of CBD are individual. Remember the more chronic one is, the more the body is up-regulating receptors or the more receptors the body makes. In general, if one is not getting the results they want it’s safe to increase till results are experienced. At Elixinol we have not seen any benefits over 200 mg’s a day. For most people 10- 90 mg’s will be effective. Once the inflammatory response begins to decrease most people can take less CBD.

                                Canna Treehouse:  Currently where is all the CBD research being conducted?

                                Theil: Research for CBD was spearheaded in Israel. Now it is quickly becoming one of the most researched molecules in the world. More and more I am learning of major universities that are pumping out research; John Hopkins, Vermont University, Colorado State Pueblo and other countries.

                                  Canna Treehouse:  Is the CBD industry federally regulated?  If so, by whom?

                                  Theil: I wish I could answer this… I think there is a lot of grey areas especially when one doesn’t know if it’s coming from hemp or MJ. The molecule itself is not regulated (federally) but in a full spectrum product from MJ or with THC it would be.

                                    Canna Treehouse:  Is there any major break-through on the CBD horizon that you know of?

                                    Theil: The biggest breakthrough with CBD is how it works on the endocannabinoid system. This is a huge breakthrough because this system regulates balance or homeostasis for every system in the body! Inflammation is aging. Aging can affect the heart, brain, GI track, nervous and immune system. Also, Neuro-placidity is a big breakthrough we will be hearing a lot more about with CBD!

                                      Canna Treehouse:  In your opinion is the federal government trying to make CBD illegal?

                                      Theil: In my opinion the federal government is not trying to make CBD illegal but the DEA would like it to be.

                                        Canna Treehouse:  Where do you see the CBD industry going?

                                        Theil: I see the CBD and cannabis industry being a big part of functional and integrative medicine communities. From kids in sports and the prevention of traumatic brain injuries to the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, depression, PTSD and its spectrum to IBD, pain and sleep disorders. Cannabis is one of the best plants for your health and environment. It cleans our soils and can be used as a main material for almost every industry!

                                          Canna TreehouseHow important is the CBD extraction process?

                                            Theil: The extraction process is very important it is always improving. In my opinion you do not want solvents, alcohol or contaminants in your medicine. CBD should be extracted at the optimal temperature with transparent testing and labeling that is publicly available.

                                              Canna Treehouse:  What challenges or major hurdles do you see now and in the future for the CBD industry?

                                                Theil: The biggest hurdles and challenges for the CBD industry is bridging the gap from recreational to medicine. Educating people and professionals on CBD and making it very clear that one does not need THC for it to be active or effective. Demonstrating its safely, the abundance of research on it and the endocannabinoid system and destigmatizing cannabis.

                                                  Canna Treehouse:  What advice or information would you like to share with potential customers or people deciding if CBD is right for them?

                                                    Theil: I would encourage everyone to observe how many people are healing from cannabis and CBD. There is absolutely no denying this. Consider the research. Our bodies are not deficient in prescription drugs. Prescription drugs have significant side effects. There is more research on CBD than there is for almost any prescription drug. Your body has an endocannabinoid system. Are designed for cannabis?

                                                       Christy Thiel was so inspirational to me and everyone at the Treehouse. We are so excited to have the opportunity to carry Elixinol products here at Canna Treehouse. We are so positive that once you try any of Elixinols products you will be a believer that we will offer 15% off any Elixinol product for a limited time at  use discount code Thielat checkout.

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