CV Science Raw Hemp Oil Softgels CBD+CBDa - 30 Caps

CV Sciences’ Raw Hemp Oil Softgels is a great way to obtain full spectrum phytocannabinoids, just as nature intended. CBDa is the acidic precursor of CBD. CBDa is the 'Raw' version of CBD.

CV Science Raw Hemp Oil Softgels are made using their raw oil, the total plant CO2 extraction from agricultural hemp. It’s comprised of CBDa, an acidic cannabinoid that is produced directly in the plant and contains many beneficial properties distinct from CBD. CV Science Raw softgels offer the fullest spectrum of naturally occurring hemp co-factors. CBDa

 - 30 Softgel capsules per bottle

- 5mg of hemp derived CBDA/CBD oil per serving

- Made using CV Science own raw hemp extract

- Extra-Virgin Olive Oil base

- Non-GM and Gluten Free

- 100% Vegetarian