Mary's Nutritionals Hemp Oil Pet Pen

Mary’s Nutritionals has developed a Hemp Oil product specifically for dogs and cats.

 Mary's Nutritionals ‘Hemp Oil Pet Pen’ is made with high quality Hemp cultivated by Elite Botanicals in Denver, Colorado. This is the same high quality Hemp Oil that Mary’s Nutritionals uses in all their Hemp Oil products. Like all of Mary’s Nutritional products this is 100% organic and natural. The Hemp Oil in Mary's Pet Pen is derived from the flower of the plant and not the stock. This process provides a more pure form of Hemp Oil.

Mary’s unique Transdermal application allows for a complete and much faster absorption as compared to any edible product which loses a large percentage of the dosage through the digestive process.

Product Details:  Each ‘Hemp Oil Pet Pen contains 50 ‘pumps’ of gel, each pump measures precisely 1 mg of Hemp Oil Light gel and is applied to the inner ear or any exposed, veinous skin.

Dosage: 1mg of Hemp Oil (1 pump) per 20lbs.


*This product is applied externally and is not for ingestion. Not intended for human use. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your veterinarian before using any product.