November 29, 2017

CBD is not just any product among the many, out there on the hemp/medical cannabis market. It’s the original organic and natural medicine for many health problems. But, just recently veterinarians and pet owners have discovered something incredible — hemp-based CBD works on animals, too.


As a cannabis compound, CBD works on all mammals. However, it has very positive healing and calming effects, particularly on dogs. CBD helps solve skin irritations and allergies, as well as arthritis and joint pain.


But, that’s not all. This substance calms down anxious dogs and helps dogs overcome phobias and learned fears, such as fear of loud noises. And this is just the beginning as we are still discovering what this powerful substance can do for our doggos.


The infographic below provides all the necessary information about all the other conditions that can be treated with CBD. So, let’s take a look.


CBD for dogs


Dosing Instructions


CBD comes in the form of different products such as oils, tinctures, topicals, and edibles. If you are using CBD for the first time start with the lowest recommended dose. And it’s easy to determine that dose: As Greencamp recommends, the best starting formula would be 0.05 per lb. So if your dog is 10 lb, the starting dose would be 0.5 mg.


To administer this to your dog, add that amount of oil into your its meal for the next couple of weeks. If your dog responds well, follow the instructions from the infographic and either go to the higher dose or stay on your current one, until you hit the right balance.












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