August 11, 2019

What is Haleigh's Hope?

CannaTreehouse is welcoming a new brand to our family of CBD products: Haleigh's Hope.

If Haleigh's Hope sounds familiar it is because it is the name of a bill in Georgia that legalized medical marijuana.  A young girl, Haleigh, had life-threatening seizures.  After trying every available medication without success, Haleigh's family moved to Colorado to try medical marijuana and found hope.  Haleigh's parents worked with the legislature in Georgia to pass a bill to legalize medical marijuana so they could return home as well as allow many others suffering to have access to a treatment that could greatly benefit them.  
Haleigh's Hope has also been featured on Vice, HBO, National Geographic, NBC, CBS, Fox and CNN for the life-changing effects it has on its users.

Why is Haleigh's Hope different from other companies?

It is an established company that has been around for well before the craze of CBD hit.  It is a family-owned business, and controlled by families of special needs children.  The advisory board consists of Ph.D. Neuroscientists and Ph.D. Organic Chemists that assist in the development and use of all Haleigh's Hope products.  Those products have been used in several research studies at Children's Hospital and Johns Hopkins.  It is also currently involved in two clinical research IRB studies, one for Autism and Epilepsy with Cannabinoids and one for TBI with cannabinoids.

Haleigh's Hope has a manufacturing lab with the Colorado Department of Public Health and the FDA and is USDA Organic Certified.  Each batch is lab tested for potency, microbial, pesticides and solvents to ensure that every batch is standardized and free of contaminants.


Where to Buy Haleigh's Hope?

If you are interested in trying Haleigh's Hope, it is distributed throughout the United States and 40 different countries. You can buy Haleigh's Hope on our website.  The products are competitively priced and are of Superior quality in the market place.  They also offer amazing customer service with an educated Support Staff if you have any specific questions about their product.

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