September 05, 2016

 Weirdo’s and Cannabis.. Unlikely partners that have been thrust together by virtue of main-stream society’s uninformative disdain and fear for each. Publicly, Weirdo’s are shunned and declared as a bane to society. Cannabis also shunned and declared criminal.
Mainly due to outdated opinions derived from decades of lies, misinterpretations, false information and personal agendas both weirdo’s and cannabis are amazingly misunderstood. Weirdo’s have blazed a trail of success in the areas of invention, literature, art, music, business and technology. The most successful people in these areas: Mozart, Joan of Arc, Van Gogh, Tesla, Einstein, Twain, Dr. Seuss, Jobs, Branson etc.. All were referred to as weirdo’s in their lives. These Weirdo’s refused to change and join the status quo. By doing so would have sacrificed who they were and their ideals.. Thankfully all these Weirdo’s refused to jump off the cliff of ideals and into the sea of conformity. By remaining strong and staying true to themselves all our lives have been enriched. Main-Stream Society cannot accept a successful weirdo. When a Weirdo becomes successful the general public will suddenly refer to them as an eccentric genius, which is obviously way more acceptable.

Cannabis has a similar story, fear and ignorance is what got it originally listed as a schedule 1 drug in 1970. Without any research or facts Congress “Temporarily” listed Cannabis as a schedule 1 drug along with heroin and LSD. Cocaine and methamphetamine were listed as a Schedule 2. President Nixon simply didn’t know what to do with Cannabis which is why he approved its rating. A Congressional sub-committee led by James Eastland upheld the listing in 1974. This sub-committee went against all the advice of medical experts and voted based off personal prejudice and fear. From the very beginning the fix was in. Cannabis was never going to be taken off the Schedule 1 list. It was never about the facts; instead it was always about the people that our political leaders perceived as cannabis’ primary users: Hippies, Bikers, Hispanics and Black people.

Privately, people in main-stream society have a completely different opinion towards both Weirdo’s and Cannabis. It Tends to be the opposite of what they voice in public settings.  The relationship between the general public and Weirdo’s – Cannabis is complicated. Weirdo’s are people that had the courage to stay true to who they were and not succumb to the pressures that society put on them to change. This is upsetting because everyone at some point in their lives looks into the mirror and see’s a truly unique person who will make a difference one day staring back at them. Swearing they will never become their parents.. Than life happens and they change. These onetime Weirdo’s blend into the general public and become part of the main -stream. Perhaps when you hear someone putting down a Weirdo or bullying them it’s because they are actually jealous or frustrated at the direction their own lives have taken. 

Just like Weirdo’s, cannabis has that same complicated relationship with main-stream society. Everyone knows someone, has a family member or they themselves smoked cannabis. They knew that the misinformation being taught to them in their Jr. High School Nutritional Studies class taught by one of the Gym Teachers was not only wrong but didn’t make sense. But, again life happens. They find themselves being crushed by society and forced to change. They see someone puffing on a joint or they get a whiff of that discernible smell of a dank bud and they are immediately catapulted to a more enjoyable time. They cannot stay in the moment because they have become an upstanding member of society and main-stream society says cannabis is dangerous and should not be condoned.

Acceptance by main-stream society is not really what a Weirdo wants. A Weirdo wants to simply be themselves without hindrance.  Whether you accept them or not is not a concern of a Weirdo. Cannabis on the other hand needs to be accepted. It needs to be accepted so that Science can perform more comprehensive experiments and discover all the healing and wellness this plant has to offer.  As long as cannabis remains on the Schedule 1 list Science and the Medical Field cannot effectively perform the necessary testing and experiments. Just think what the Science and Medical fields can discover if from cannabis if given the chance. With the little experimentation that the Federal Government has allowed the Medical Field has proven that cannabis is effective in treating many different human ailments. With these facts the Federal Government still refuses to remove Cannabis from the Schedule 1 drug list and continues their campaign against it.

When Weirdo’s come across each other in a crowd there is an immediate bond. Weirdo’s instinctively look out for each other because they have respect for one another. Albeit a plant, Cannabis is a Weirdo and needs our help. Cannabis needs our help to become main-stream. By going main-stream Cannabis can enrich many lives. It can be an alternative to those who are suffering and need something other than the opiates being pushed upon them for their wellness.  Science would be able to explore, experiment and unlock all the healing potential of this little Weirdo..  Isn’t that what it should be all about? 

Keep It Weird…
 - Weirdo

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