September 04, 2016

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.” - Alice  (‘Alice in Wonderland’)

I have come to realize that the CBD industry is similar to ‘Wonderland’ and I’m Alice. Traditional marketing tools, such as, Google and Facebook will not allow you to advertise on their platforms. Keep in mind CBD extracted from hemp is legal to manufacture, buy and sell. CBD products are made to promote wellness. Yet, because of the threat CBD creates through its effectiveness large corporations and special interest groups that represent the pharmaceutical industry applys pressure on the Federal Government to keep the CBD Industry from taking off.  If the CBD Industry were allowed the same opportunity as other “Legal” products this market would explode and the pharmaceutical industry would see market share in segments of their industry shrink. Corporations within the pharmaceutical industry are some of the largest donors to the campaigns of the bureaucrats in Washington D.C.                                                                                                                                                         

That my Friends is how ‘Wonderland’ came to be. 

The Federal Government has tried on several occasions to over regulate or outright make CBD illegal.  They were able reign in and over regulate CBD extracted from cannabis by keeping cannabis as a schedule 1 drug. But, the amazing people in the CBD Industry accomplished something that the Federal Government didn’t expect. The brilliant minds in the CBD Industry started to extract CBD from hemp and hemp is legal on the Federal level. The fact is, CBD extracted from hemp is no less effective than CBD extracted from cannabis. CBD is CBD… From the stand point of the Federal Government that had to hurt.

Not understanding that CBD manufacturers can extract CBD from hemp and also not realizing, at the time, that CBD from hemp is the same as CBD from cannabis the Federal Government had to do something. Resorting to its old tactics of applying pressure with the use of the IRS and FDA and Treasury the Federal Government has enlisted key corporations and banking institutions in its shadow war with the CBD Industry. This is why companies like Google and Facebook will not allow CBD companies to advertise on their platforms. These companies block keywords such as, CBD, Canabidiol, CBD Oil etc. Credit card processors such as Stripe and Square will not process transactions that involve CBD products. Banking institutions will also suspend companies and decline transactions that are associated with CBD transactions. One more time, allow me to remind everyone.. CBD hemp products are legal on both State and Federal levels.

Starting the CBD Body Shop I have personally experienced everything I mentioned above. When I was first starting out I met with others in the CBD Industry. Thankfully, the CBD Industry has become a community of entrepreneurs that look out for each other.  I have been given advice and guidance from those who manufacture CBD enriched products to those who are like me and sell CBD products online. When I stepped into the CBD Wonderland I was prepared and knew what to expect.  One day, ‘Up’ is ‘Down’ and the next  day ‘Up’ is ‘Sideways’.  I love this industry. The Federal Government has inadvertently architected an industry that only those with a weirdo’s determination will survive. After all, who is better suited to succeed in Wonderland than a Weirdo? Those seeking to jump into the CBD Industry I leave you with this quote:


“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”  - Cheshire Cat
Keep it weird!

- Weirdo

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