September 08, 2016

Within the CBD industry there is a unique company that stands out amongst its competitors. This company is called Ambary Garden’s. There are a number of reasons that makes Ambary Gardens so unique. The first reason is that Ambary Garden’s is one of the few company’s allowed to grow their own hemp in the U.S. In 2015 the city of Kittredge, Colorado awarded the owners of Ambary Gardens the right to grow medical grade hemp. They are one of the few company’s allowed to do such in the U.S. The hemp that Ambary Gardens grows is cultivated to yield the highest percentage of CBD. This CBD rich hemp is used in the manufacturing of all Ambary Gardens products which includes: tinctures, salves and lip balms. Having ‘seed to shelf’ control over the hemp used by Ambary Gardens gives them a huge advantage over their competitors. Ambary Gardens received top honors in a recent competition for having highest purity levels of CBD extract, with independent testing finding no traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), the psychoactive constituent of cannabis. Ambary Gardens was one of the first to do this in the CBD industry.

The other aspect that makes Ambary Gardens unique are the people who work there. From the owner to the sales people they all possess an ideology that is expressed in the company’s ‘Vision Statement’ which reads as follows:

Ambary Gardens’ vision will be to transform your experience through a culture of caring, quality, service, innovation and excellence. We will be known for superior community relations, embodying an organization of people working together to do the right thing every day to improve the health and well-being of those we serve.”

I have tried almost all of Ambary Garden’s products and have spoken with many of their employee’s. I can honestly say that the company vision statement is embodied in both their products and the people they hire. Ambary Garden’s products are effective and will help a lot of people and the employees are extremely knowledgeable and have amazingly positive attitudes.

Below are some of the Ambary Garden products that can be purchased at CBD Body Shop:

 Ambary Gardens Deep Rub Salve, 250mg CBD

A powerful and deeply penetrating topical salve with 250mg hemp derived CBD per ounce for the ultimate relief.

Formulated with essential oils of lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, and camphor to soothe the body and mind.

Blended with hand-picked ingredients in small batches, tested by a third party for quality assurance.

- 250mg, 1oz

Ambary Gardens CBD Nano-Encapsulated Tincture, Isolate 150mg

Ambary Gardens nano-encapsulated CBD is the most efficient method of delivering CBD to your body. This oral tincture is formulated using the latest technology in their own facilities at Ambary Gardens. The bio-availability of each CBD molecule is enhanced by encapsulating them for expedited absorption, making this Ambary Gardens most effective and fastest acting method of taking your CBD orally.

- 150mg, 30 doses

Ambary Gardens CBD Nano-Infused Topical Spray, 200mg CBD

Ambary Gardens 200mg Nano-Infused Topical Spray is a deeply penetrating and fast acting topical spray that utilizes nanotechnology to enhance the bioavailability of CBD to your body.

Spray your body anywhere, anytime, all the time, or as needed for relief and refreshment. Blended with a powerful formulation of essential oils and effective carriers.

Ambary Gardens Isolate Tincture, 500mg CBD

Ambary Gardens CBD Isolate Tincture is an oral tincture formulated with only two ingredients; Organic MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil and 500mg CBD.

The Isolate Tincture is a taste-free and simple way to keep the CBD regulated in your body. All Ambary Garden products are tested by a 3rd party for quality assurance.

The 30ml bottle contains 500mg CBD, providing 30 doses of approximately 15mg CBD per dose.

Ambary Gardens Colorado Cool Face Spray, 50mg CBD

A topical spray with 50mg hemp derived CBD to hydrate and replenish the skin. Made with hand-picked ingredients in small batches.

Formulated with CBD, aloe vera, witch hazel, and essential oils of peppermint and lavender for an uplifting refreshment.  tested by a third party for quality assurance.

- 50mg CBD

Ambary Gardens Skin Silk Salve, 60mg CBD

A moisturizing topical salve with 60mg hemp derived CBD per ounce to keep you infused from head to toe. Blended with hand-picked ingredients in small batches.

Formulated with calendula, jasmine absolute, and essential oils of jasmine, ylang ylang, bergamot, and clary sage to soothe and repair the skin.

- 60mg CBD

Ambary Gardens Athletic Salve, 125mg CBD

A topical salve with 125mg hemp derived CBD. Blended with hand-picked ingredients in small batches. Formulated to relieve soreness and stiffness.

Ingredients Include: Essential oils of clove, nutmeg, orange and peppermint to warm. 


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